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Hatch, New Mexico - Hatch Chile Festival 2006

Every year more than 30,000 raving chile fanatics converge on the tiny village of Hatch (increasing the population by nearly 28,000), the Chile Capital of the World, for this Labor Day weekend festival. 

If you can't be here.. we'll send Hatch Chile to you!
Hatch Chile Festival 2012
Always on Labor Day weekend - Saturday and Sunday only!

Hatch, New Mexico U.S.A. 

Events include a chile cook-off, chile roasting, a parade culminating with the coronation of a Chile Queen, chile pod competition, carnival rides and fiddling contests. Get there by 10 a.m. on Saturday or you'll miss out.  As for lodging, you might want to look into Los Cruces, Truth or Consequences, or Deming, NM,  for reservations as the village of Hatch only has 2 motels. 

Lodging in Hatch:
Village Plaza Motel ( 505) 267-3091
Happy Trails RV Park ( 505) 267-4522 

More lodging outside of Hatch:  (* denotes the mileage to lodging from the Village of Hatch, N.M..)
Las Cruces, * 40 miles on I-25 south
Truth or Consequences, * 40 miles on I-25 north
Deming, * 40 miles on NM 26 west

More Info: Hatch Chamber of Commerce 505 267-5050

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